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Tumor Models

A major difficulty found in effective cancer treatment is the complexity of the biological mechanism underlying cancer onset and disease progression. This is because the genetic makeup and metabolic profile of each individual patient influence the effect of anticancer drugs. As such, different people respond differently to the same therapy: while one treatment brings about the desired success in one group of patients, it does not change the condition of other groups at all and may even leads to adverse effects.

Ikan Biotech has designed an innovated strategy for prevention and treatment of cancer. The chance to carry out a dynamic display of the cancerous process in vivo offers us the unique opportunity to understand this subjacent biology and design a tailor-made treatment for each case.


Microinjection of tumor cells in zebrafish offers an efficient tumor model system to design and test the efficacy of potential drugs for the treatment of cancer. This model offers a wide variety of assays that are suitable for personalized therapeutics design.

Scheme of Xenograft

Supporting assays


3D Spheroids assay is a powerful technique to assess the biological effects of cell proliferation, migration and invasion system.


Cytotoxicity leads one of the characteristic step in drug discovery. Ikan Biotech provides cytotoxicity assay to asses drug safety profiles.


In vitro scratch assay is a well-known method to measure cell migration. This study is suitable for the evaluation on the drug effect on cell migration.


The determination of the pattern of genes expressed provides specific information about cellular function. Gene expression profiling allows to assess the effects of anti-tumor drugs by the determining which genes are expressed.