Meet the team

The excepcional people that shape us

Rubén Díez

Chief Executive Officer

Susana Pascoal
Chief Scientific Officer
Álvaro González
Head of Cell Culture
Team - Elena Sánchez
Elena Sánchez
Head of Animal Facilities
José R. García de Andoin
Animal Facilities Assistant
Team - Beatriz Marcos
Beatriz Marcos
Quality Assurance Manager
Eva Martišová
Research Assistant
Team - Patricia Letrado
Patricia Letrado
Research Assistant
Team - Natalia Aguado
Natalia Aguado
Research Assistant
Team - Ana Azcárate
Ana Azcárate
Research Assistant
Team - Elena Cocho
Elena Cocho

Office Assistant

Fernando Sarrate
Fernando Sarrate

Our Values

We are one global team unified by a set of values that run through everything we do.

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Humility, fellowship and passion are the mainstays of our company culture.

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Being innovative under high-quality research is our core.

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Promote a professional improvement environment and the reconciliation of family and working life.

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We endeavour to guarantee the highest ethical and integrity levels for all our products, services and communications.

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Respect the environmental footprint through safe working practices.