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Our R&D vision and strategy

In our constant search for new biotechnological solutions, we promote our spirit of innovation through research and development, carrying out R&D projects with the aim of generating new knowledge and technologies that ultimately contribute to satisfying our customers needs.

IKAN BIOTECH wants to be a benchmark in innovation within the biotechnology sector. Therefore, our strategic lines are based on:

  • Implementation of internal R&D projects that improve the processes of our organization.
  • Establish and develop technical alliances with strategic partners to carry out joint research projects.
  • Involve all of our staff in an collaborative environment of innovation which facilitates the management internal and external knowledge.
  • Development of R&D projects to be able to offer the best innovation to our customers.


Project (grant agreement number 777373)

Zebrafish as a real-time in-vivo platform for personalized cancer therapeutics” sponsored by Horizon 2020 European Union funding for Research & Innovation.

Project (0011-1365-2016-000260)

Desarrollo de una nueva herramienta para la búsqueda de tratamientos antitumorales más eficaces empleando el modelo animal de pez cebra” sponsored by the Government of Navarre.