Our commitment to our clients, our employees and to excellence in all our processes is based on the following statements:

  • TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION, through a continuous search for new technologies
  • R&D, identify and evaluate new opportunities for innovation and improvement of R&D as a tool for the competitive strategies of the company, motivating and encouraging all members in this activity.
  • QUALITY, we perform all our services in accordance with international standards established by OECD, USEPA, ASTM, UNE, DIN, ISO, EMA, FDA and European Pharmacopoeia.
  • CUSTOMER ORIENTATION, with an absolute orientation towards the customer we commit to fulfill their requirements and we define goals to improve, involving the necessary resources to achieve these goals.
  • FLEXIBILITY, ability to adapt to the new needs of customer.
  • ETHICS AND INTEGRITY, we are committed to the highest ethical and integrity standards in all our processes and in compliance with the law and the official regulators.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITMENT, promoting new processes and sustainable technologies in order to minimize our impact on the environment.

Ikan Biotech, is committed to monitoring and enforcing ongoing compliance of this Policy and with the requirements set out by UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN ISO 166002:2014 norms, in all aspects involved in the activities within the company.

Pamplona, October 8, 2021

Rubén Díez Punzano