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The contribution of zebrafish to CNS drug discovery research is essential due to they possess a well-developed neuroendocrine system, generally highly homologous to that in mammals. Therefore, this in vivo model is emerging as a novel relevant species for researching selected central nervous system (CNS) disorders (epilepsy, Parkinson, anxiety, etc.). Ikan offers an innovative technology that simulates the neurological diseases and monitors the treatment with novel drugs.


This model represents a valuable tool for performing epileptic research, excitotoxicity and for searching new anticonvulsive treatments. Ikan helps to determine several parameters of analysis such as mortality, latency, epileptic scale and total percentage of animals with epileptic seizures.


Zebrafish is becoming a crucial in vivo model for translational depression research: the high degree of physiological and genetic homology between zebrafish and mammals is remarkable as well as the conservation of all major neurotransmitters, hormones, and relevant receptors.