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With the goal of knowing more about different molecular pathways and targets involved in the diverse human pathologies, mechanism of action and seek effective treatment in early stages; Ikan count on a high quality in vivo ZebraEFFIfish® services to evaluate your compound.

Immunology and inflammatory assays

The zebrafish contains an innate immune system that is well conserved with mammals. The zebrafish model of bacterial infection allows in vivo analyses in a live vertebrate. Using fluorescent proteins to label host microbes or cells provides us the opportunity to visualize the interactions between the host and the microbe.


Immune System Assay

The aim is to study the genes involved in immune system processes and the immune response.

GFP signals quantification. RNA sequencing and quantification (qRT-PCR).

Inflammatory response

Assessment of the expression of inflammatory genes analysis.

Quantification of neutrophils and macrophages; GFP signals quantification, RNA sequencing and quantification (qRT-PCR).

Oxidative stress

Ikan team provides the opportunity to define the role that the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) play in different human pathologies, providing some data about the action mechanism of the different pathways involved.

ROS measurements (Fluorescences).