Personalized Medical Care
For Colon Cancer Patients

ZebraONCOfish technology enables us to develop cancer patients avatars, using zebrafish as an in vivo model, making scientific progress more accessible to patients, resulting in personalized medical care.


How does it work?

Patient diagnosed with colon cancer
The patient’s biopsy is sent to us
We microinject the patient’s cells into zebrafish through xenotransplantation
We evaluate the effectiveness of the different treatments to which the hospital has access
We send a report with the results obtained

The aim of this service is to guide decision-making for treatment in colon cancer patients. We have been able to create patient avatars to observe the characteristics and progression of each cancer and to determine the effectiveness of different cancer treatments in advance and personalized to the patient, therefore avoiding possibly ineffective treatments, and selecting those that will yield the best result for the patients.


  • Selects the most efficient or less toxic drug for an individual patient
  • Identifies responders and non-responders for specific treatments
  • Drug efficacy for tumor regression and inhibition of metastasis
  • Identifies responders and non-responders for specific treatments
  • Provide the oncologist with in-vivo data as clinical decision support