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The University of Navarra is a private non-for-profit university located on the southeast border of Pamplona, Spain. It was founded in 1952. Its mission is to seek and present the truth; contribute to the academic, cultural and personal education of its students; promote academic research and healthcare activities; provide suitable opportunities for the development of its professors and employees; and carry out broad cultural outreach and social promotion work with a clear goal of service.

The Center for Applied Medical Research (CIMA) is the University of Navarra’s biomedical research institute. Its mission is to carry out translational research to a highstandard of excellence, based on novel biological knowledge and aimed at finding therapeutic solutions to patients’ needs.

It is a biomedical research centre of the Government of Navarre that promotes and facilitates the research of public healthcare professionals. Its location in the heart of the Hospital Complex of Navarre encourages close proximity and collaboration between researchers and professionals working in clinical and healthcare environments.