Identification and development of a candidate HDAC6 inhibitor as a treatment against colon cancer (COLON-HDAC6)

The COLON-HDAC6 project was born with the purpose of positioning Navarra in the focus of the Leading regions in the development of new antitumor compounds. The consortium, has carefully chosen for the actual achievement of the objectives of both identification of the best candidate within a battery of 10 compounds, as well as the development and testing of the same until completing the preclinical phase and being able to access a license from a Big Pharma for further development of the candidate compound.


The main objective of this project is to develop a specific compound for be used as a treatment against colon cancer. The compound is based on the ursodeoxycyclic acid (UDCA) an endogenous bile acid, which has been shown to have inhibitory properties pers  on colon cancer and on enzymatic activity of different HDACs. The development of this compound would represent an important advance in treatments against colon cancer since their therapy would be specific against these histone inhibitors deacetylase 6 (HDAC6), achieving greater effectiveness and less negative impact on the patient.


Gobierno de Navarra & FEDER