The Zebrafish Lab

In order to improve the process of getting to a new drugs against different pathologies, it is necessary to search for alternative/innovative tools that allow us to have effective, fast and economic results. In this sense, Ikan Biotech has created a department of preclinical studies where the zebrafish is the main actor thanks to its versatility.


In the last years, World Health Organisation (WHO) has published a wide list of multiresistant bacteria to traditional drugs.   In fact, it is necessary a radical change of strategy that should involve identification of new targets, development of new chemical compounds interacting with them, and the setup of procedures for early diagnosis and effective pathogen monitoring in biological fluids.   The aim of Ikan Biotech is to strengthen our expertise in the antimicrobial field searching new innovative and efficient ways to develop new natural solutions against multiresistant bacteria.


Thanks to scientific advances in molecular biology, genetics and metabolism in different bacterial diseases in humans or animales, we provide different molecular techniques to lend support from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond.

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